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Benefits and Compensation
Total compensation, the benefits and compensation package that a Company provides to employees, is one key piece of the puzzle that affects employee retention. read more...
There is no such thing as “too much” communication. However, communication must be targeted correctly and often to be effective. read more...
Employee Relations
The most important and often most expensive resource a company has is its “human” resource. Because of its cost and importance ... read more...
Recordkeeping / Compliance
Not only is recordkeeping very critical for tracking pertinent data on employees, there are also legal requirements that must be followed to avoid compliance issues. read more...
Health Safety & Security
Providing a healthy, safe and secure environment is not just a concern for manufacturing facilities. All 
organizations need to be aware of issues pertaining to the health, more...
Finding qualified employees can be the most difficult and time-consuming function of HR. Recruitment, the “marketing” more...
Training & Development
Training and Development is a combined role often called Human Resources Development (HRD), meaning the development of “human” resources to more...
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At LME, we know what it takes to launch a comprehensive, expert HR infrastructure, whether or not you have an internal HR professional, within a broad range of industries.

Our HR building blocks establish a solid foundation for all your Human Resource activities, establishing the processes, policies and procedures you need to either start your business or run it more successfully.

This foundation safeguards your business from legal and financial risk, ensures regulatory compliance, and engages your most important asset with your key business goals.


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