Amazing Ariel Arismendez

LME Creative Human Resource Solutions is proud to support the Amazing Ariel Arismendez please help support her journey to the 2016 Olympics.

Outsource HR or Not

OUTSOURCE HR OR NOT, THAT IS THE QUESTION…  To Outsource HR or Not is an option that should be considered. Most small-business owners know the frustration of spending more time than they want or should […]

Ten Mistakes Managing Wage and Hour Classifications

Mistake #1. Failure to pay the minimum wage We’ll pay you $5 an hour until you learn the ropes; then you move up to $7 an hour. Virtually all employees are entitled to receive at least […]

LMECHR and Southwest Specialty Foods kickoff Fundraiser

The Buckeye Woman’s Club is ready to kick ass with our latest fundraising effort. We are pleased to announce we are partnering with Southwest Speciality Foods and LME Creative Human Resources. Please visit Southwest Speciality […]

Davis Bacon Audit Completed Phoenix Arizona

Davis Bacon Audits Completed by Lydia Evanson LME Creative Human Resource Solutions is proud to announce that the US Department of Labor and the US Department of Energy have completed their Davis Bacon audits of […]

Enforcement of Employee Classifications

Enforcement of Employee Classifications The DOL has stepped up their enforcement of employee classification. The following are 10 great strategies to prevent or handle a wage and hour investigation. Avoid unfair compensation practices. Make sure […]

Five of the Most Often overlooked HR Responsibilities

Five of the Most Often overlooked HR Responsibilities Business owners are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In order to fit it all in, you’re forced to prioritize and cut the […]

HR Consulting Companies Should you consider using a Boutique Firm?

Should you consider using a Boutique Firm? HR Consulting Companies and the Human Resources Consulting industry has a strong growth trend emerging. As is the case with any rapidly changing process, there are many advantages […]

HR Management Key Skills

HR Management Key Skills #1 Organization HR management requires key skills plus an orderly approach. Organized files, strong time management skills, and personal efficiency are key to HR effectiveness. You’re dealing with people’s lives and […]

The CFO and Human Resources

The CFO and Human Resources CFOs are often reclusive and cautious, and HR avoids them in general and knows little about them. But HR isn’t going to be successful without being able to sell ideas […]