There is no such thing as “too much” communication. However, communication must be targeted correctly and often to be effective.It is important for an organization to figure out what methods are most successful for reaching its employees and that the methods used are effectively producing results. Effective communications ensure that employees are “in the know” at all times and feel like a part of the “team”.

Some Communication vehicles include:

  • Employee Opinion Surveys/Focus Groups
  • In-House Publications
  • Annual Reports, Policy & Procedure Manuals,
  • Newsletters, Postings, Memos
  • Community Relations Programs
  • Recreational/Social Events
  • Employee Recognition Programs
  • Suggestion Programs

LMECHR Inc. can amplify the effect of Communications by:

  • Conducting employee opinion surveys and focus groups
  • Developing an employee/company newsletter (i.e. Paper, Electronic, or Intranet)
  • Designing an employee suggestion program
  • Creating effective communication tools with our marketing HR expertise
  •  Designing a reward and recognition program
  • Establishing a formal career development planning program