Employee Relations

The most important and often most expensive resource a company has is its “human” resource. Because of its cost and importance it makes sense to ensure that this resource is operating as productively as possible. Sometimes this may mean dealing with conflict issues in the workplace and at other times it may mean finding proactive ways to
keep employees happy and productive.

Employee Relations often includes:

  • Employee issues
  • Management coaching
  • Discipline
  • Harassment

LMECHR Inc. can assist with Employee Relations by:

  • Coaching managers and employees on how to handle employee relations issues to avoid escalation and legal impacts on the organization
  • Advising on how to handle and document corrective action plans and disciplinary actions
  • Investigating, obtaining statements, and making recommendations for further action
  • Identifying retention solutions to help improve turnover and employee morale
  • Developing training solutions to help build a collaborative workforce
  • Providing assessment solutions to help identify strengths and areas of opportunity for development of employees
  • Community Relations Programs
  • \Recreational/Social Events
  •  Employee Recognition Programs
  • Suggestion Programs
  • Absenteeism
  • Termination
  • Retention strategies