Finding qualified employees can be the most difficult and time-consuming function of HR. Recruitment, the “marketing” function of human resources, requires lots of creativity to find quality candidates that will fit with the organization’s culture and remain with the company over time; the average cost of turnover is 50 – 150% of an employee’s salary. Recruitment plays an integral part of getting the employee
started on the right foot, which is key for increased retention and reduced turnover.

Recruitment often includes:

  • Determining the best strategies for finding candidates and creating attention-grabbing
job advertisements
  • Reviewing (screening) the applicants’ resumes and phone interviewing the top candidates
  • Recommending and managing the candidates through face-to-face interviews
  • Participating in face-to-face interviews
  • Conducting reference checks, background checks and employment testing
  • Partnering to make a hiring decision and extending offers to candidates to seal the deal
  • Developing and facilitating new employee orientation/onboarding

LMECHR Inc. can assist with your Recruitment by:

  • Analyzing and recommending improvements to recruitment process and strategies
  • Creating a recruitment plan to ensure the best approach and strategies are used to fill
each position
  • Providing assessment solutions to help ensure candidates are a fit for the job and culture
  • Developing retention strategies to reduce turnover and improve retention.
  • Outsourcing the recruitment process to manage all or pieces of the entire recruitment
process described above
  • Providing a contract recruiter on a short- or long-term basis
  • Enlisting a contingent recruiter on a placement fee basis to search for top talent

LMECHR Inc. provides a superior placement service to help you fill your Human Resources (HR) and Marketing related positions. You’ll receive the white glove treatment beginning with a call from our Recruitment Division Manager to uncover the details of your need. The appropriate Talent Scout will be assigned to work directly with you through the process. We will only send you the best qualified candidates to fit your needs, not unlimited piles of resumes.